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1. Coxinha

What is it: Little raindrops of fried goodness usually filled with chicken and a very creamy cheese called “catupiry.”

Get a recipe here.

 2. Brigadeiro

What is it: Chocolate truffles made with condensed milk instead of cream and covered in chocolate sprinkles.

Get a recipe here.

3. Pão de queijo

What is it: Little rolls of bread with cheese baked into it.

Get a recipe here.

4. Farofa

What is it: Fried cassava flour. It can include egg, bacon, and other add-ons. It’s usually sprinkled over rice and beans.

Get a recipe here.

5. Feijão tropeiro

What is it: Pinto beans sautéed with cassava flour, scallions, egg, and bacon.

Get a recipe here.

6. Açaí

What is it: A superfood berry used to make fruit bowls and smoothies. Pro tip: Blend with bananas and strawberries and top with granola and honey.

Get a recipe here.

7. Pastel

What it is: More fried goodness but this time with less dough, which you can fill with everything from cheese, to beef, to cod fish, and pretty much whatever else your stomach desires.

Get a recipe here.

8. Mousse de maracujá

What is it: Passion fruit mousse.

Get a recipe here.

9. Feijoada

What is it: A black bean stew with various types of beef and sausage.

Get a recipe here.

10. Bolinho de chuva

What is it: Little balls of glorious fried dough sprinkled with sugar and cinnamon.

Get a recipe here.

11. Moqueca de camarão

What is it: A shrimp stew cooked in coconut milk and palm oil. Add veggies such as peppers and tomatoes to complete.

Get a recipe here.

12. Beijinho

What is it: Coconut truffles.

Get a recipe here.

13. Vatapá

What is it: A spicy cream of fish and shrimp dish cooked in peanut sauce.

Get a recipe here.

14. Bauru

What is it: A traditional sandwich with roast beef, mozzarella cheese, tomato, and pickled cucumber served on a French roll. Pro tip: Cut out the excessive dough from inside the roll.

Get a recipe here.

15. Creme de papaya

What is it: Papaya blended with vanilla ice cream. 

Get a recipe here.

16. Acarajé

What is it: A black-eyed pea ball fried in palm oil, usually stuffed with shrimp and vinaigrette.

Get a recipe here.

17. Romeu e Julieta

What is it: Guava paste and white cheese stacked on top of each other.

Get a recipe here.

18. Misto quente

What is it: A melted ham and cheese sandwich usually on white bread.

It’s grilled cheese with ham, you don’t need a recipe.

19. Requeijão

What is it: A ricotta-like cheese spread.

Get a recipe here.

20. Mandioca frita

What is it: Fried yucca sticks.

Get a recipe here.

21. Salpicão

What is it: A salad made of chicken, ham, raisins, carrots, apples, olives, and mayonnaise, and topped with shoestring potatoes.

Get a recipe here.

22. Empadão

What is it: A baked casserole usually made with chicken, olives, hearts of palm, corn, and other fillings. You can sub chicken for beef, shrimp, or any other type of “meat.”

Get a recipe here.

23. Quindim

What is it: A baked dessert made of egg yolks, sugar, and ground coconut flakes.

Get a recipe here.

24. Doce de leite

What is it: Basically, doce de leite is nothing more than milk sweetened with sugar that is boiled down until it is concentrated into either a creamy paste, or even further into a fudge-like consistency.

Get a recipe here.

Is that the pocket version?


Was just browsing frilly shirts on Amazon.

I laughed so hard I woke my husband who was sleeping two rooms over.



Happy 58th birthday to my favorite Disney princess!

Carrie Fisher - October 21, 1956

look at those ESB coats!!

Is that a mirror hanged on a mirror?


Turtle dances while showering. [video]



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Claude Monet in his garden at Giverny France. circa  1887 - 1920

Bottom picture shows Claude Monet with Ker-Xavier Roussel and Edouard Vuillard in 1929














If you had told me earlier today that this song could also be a warrior queen’s battle chant, I would have looked at you funny



Soooooo good