R. Cali. 1985. Male. INTP. Taken. Doctor Who. Star Wars. Whedon. Sherlock. A Song of Ice and Fire. Literature. Anti-Religion. Sex. Love.

It’s my brand new Ultimate Whovian dashboard style!

Now you can add all the Doctor Who awesomeness to your boring dashboard and make your tumbling experience FANTASTIC!


Since I know most of you are like me (and by that I mean INTP), I broke down the theme into seven separate modules, so you may mix and match anyway you want, with any other styles you want! These fuckers are totally compatible with everything! I swear!

If you want to be awesome, but don’t know how, download Stylish extension for Chrome and make your life better.

Have fun, and please, leave me your impressions and suggestions.
(But mostly tell me how awesome I am, please)

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