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Anonymous asked
youre beautiful dude

I’m also a beautiful lady! >=\


last-stop-to-gallifrey asked
how's your beard doin'?


Not that bad, actually.

Anonymous asked
i need to know. Do you know nothing, circlemaze?


arcaninja asked
What's your desktop picture?

My main desktop looks like this:

Anonymous asked
Being Brazilian makes you sexier!

I wasn’t even aware I was sexy to begin with, but thank you, kind anon!


anyademented asked
Love you ;~

n3bulas-and-satelites asked
Are there fun places to climb where you live?

mauroftw asked
Ok, your theory is great. I accept this headcannon and it lives now side by side in my head, along with her being Rose and TenToo's daughter. Also, Clara is great. She is not just great, she is wonderful, and JLC is a hell of an actress. But... What's your opinion of the episode? For me it was better than the latest Moffat's episodes, but... Still. It felt forced, it felt lazy, it felt poor. If it wasn't for Clara's awesomeness, I think I might've just thrown up.

That’s because you, like most people, are more preoccupied with dislikng Moffat than enjoying the episode.

If you didn’t know the person who wrote it, you’s probably be able to enjoy it. I think this might have been the best episode in this series so far, and we have to consider two things:

  1. It’s the first Christmas Special in the middle of a season;
  2. Amy and Rory’s… departure wasn’t on Moffat’s plans until Karen asked him if he’d write her out of the show with a bang.

This means there are two variables he had to figure out in a short time to make an interesting story. And I like how “silly” and “forced” it is, because that’s what Classic Who was like. ;)

People tend to underestimate Moffat in comparison to RTD, the same way people underestimate Matt Smith or Christopher Eccleston in comparison to David Tennat — they play favourites without even noticing it.

As for me, like with any other TV show, I just watch the episodes, not caring who has written them, and I enjoy it a lot more that way =)

n3bulas-and-satelites asked
I just watched The Hobbit and now I am sad.

Yeah, Peter Jackson’s directing skills make me sad as well =\


n3bulas-and-satelites asked
Currently crazy jealous of my brother right now. One of his friends got Eleven's Sonic Screwdriver for Christmas, and then my brother just bought one for a buddy, but it wasn't me WHICH MAKES ME MAD BUT STILL. SONIC SCREWDRIVERS ER'WHER

I can only see one solution: kill them and take their sonics.

Even if they catch you, no jury will ever condemn you! GO FOR IT, GO GO GO!

frenidict asked
i like your blogfedlkjnd :D


I like your URL \o/

n3bulas-and-satelites asked
Ascot or Bow tie?


Anonymous asked
i'm sorry, but i have to say this: you must be the most awesome teacher ever! :D and i think it's great what you do. i wish there were more people like you. i wanted to teach once, but in college, and something involving graphic expression & representation, and/or history. it looks like some places are only accepting masters AND doctors (maybe they would accept the Master and the Doctor as one? couldn't resist), not only masters, but i might be wrong.

Gosh, I’m so glad =D

Thank you, kind anon.

I’d like to teach in college too, but but but…. THE KIDS D=
I don’t know if I can manage to stay away from them. =~

And I don’t mean it in a podophile sort of way, just so we’re clear XD

umchadeloucos asked
Actually, you may become a school teacher with any college formation and a 200 hs teaching course. If I remember well the LDB (law the regulates education in Brazil), the masters degree does not allow you to teach in first or second level education. To teach in third level education (college) it is necessary at least a specialization degree, but the academic careers usually require master/doctor degree

As far as I know, now it’s 400 hs of internship + the teaching course.
I may be wrong, since by the time I graduated we only needed 300 hours of internship (+ the course).

As for the rest, we agree. =)
Since I troll around the academia (8D), it’s all I care to know about XD